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Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance will protect your valuable assets. It is one of the largest expenses for trucking companies and independent truckers. Many factors can make an impact on the insurance costs, such as driver age and driving record, types of freight, history of the business, equipment being hauled, accident history, where you haul, etc.

Primary Liability Insurance is mandatory by the state and federal agencies. This type of insurance protects you from damage or injuries to a third party in an accident. Non-trucking (Bobtail) Liability Insurance covers owners/operators when they are not pulling a loaded trailer or on dispatch, for example when they are getting repairs. General Liability Insurance protects the business for non-truck property damage such as your office and parking lot.

Cargo Insurance provides coverage in the event that freight is damaged or lost. The pricing is determined by the type of cargo being transported. Physical Damage Insurance covers the truck and the trailer against damage from collisions, theft, vandalism, flood, fire, wind, and earthquake. The premium is based on the value of your equipment. Trailer Interchange Insurance covers the insured against loss or damage to non-owned trailers and equipment under a trailer interchange agreement.

When looking for an insurance provider you want to know the financial stability of the company, claims service, coverages, filings, agent relationships, etc. You need reliable and affordable protection for your business as well as meeting state and federal safety regulations.