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RV Insurance

Specialized RV insurance will protect you against damages unique to RVs. Whether you have a Class A, B or C motor home it is important to make sure you are fully covered.

Comprehensive and Collision Insurance coverage, for damage from acts of nature such as wind, water, and things like theft and fire comprehensive coverage will apply. Collision coverage will protect you if you get into an accident with another vehicle or an object. Full-timer Insurance covers you if you travel and live in your motor home full time or spend a good portion of your time in you RV. This kind of coverage includes injuries that may occur in and around your vehicle as well as personal liability.

Personal Coverage Insurance provides you with replacement costs for your personal possessions inside the vehicle. Towing Insurance coverage will cover your expenses should you need to get specialized towing for your RV. Total Loss Insurance coverage will give a replacement vehicle should you RV become completely destroyed. If your RV is less than 5 years old the coverage will provide you with a new model.

Check with your insurance provider for the actual terms and conditions of the coverage, as well, not all coverages are available in all states. Some extras to look for are emergency expenses allowance, this will provide you with money for food and accommodation if you get into an accident. Fire department service charges and locksmith benefits are also extras that can be included in you policy.