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Aviation Insurance

There are various types of aviation insurance such as pilot life insurance, renters and borrowers, certified flight instructors and helicopters. Make sure you are covered as a pilot, always read your insurance policies and make note of any limited coverages or non-coverages.

Helicopter insurance premiums can more higher than other forms of aviation insurance because rotor-wing accidents are more frequent than other aircraft. Since there are many uses for helicopters such as traffic, charter, cargo hauling, fire fighting and law enforcement, find an insurance company that knows your particular needs so that you can get the best price quotes available.

Pilots Life Insurance protects you even while you are flying! Most life insurance does not provide coverage when you are flying. Term life insurance is available to pilots and their spouses with competitive rates and flexible benefit amounts.

Renters/Borrowers Insurance coverage will protect you if the aircraft you are flying is rented or borrowed, the insurance on the aircraft is there to protect the owner of the plane not the pilot. An insurance policy for aircraft renters & borrowers will cover you for damages to the aircraft and/or people as well as other people’s property.

Certified Flight Instructor Non-owner Insurance will cover you when you are instructing in a rented aircraft. Even if you are working with an insured flight school their policy may not cover you.

Some other types of aviation insurance that you may need are: aviation fleet operators insurance, aircraft leasing aviation insurance, antique airplane insurance, aviation manufacturers liability insurance, corporate jet insurance, commercial aviation insurance, terminal building insurance, aviation workers compensation insurance, and fixed base operations (FBO) liability insurance.

Make sure you find an insurance broker or provider that is experienced in the specialized area of aviation insurance. Ensuring you get the best service, rates and products on the market.