- Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance Introduction

Mortgage insurance will protect your most valued asset. Mortgage life insurance will guarantee the repayment of your mortgage loan in the event of death, giving your family peace of mind.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance covers your mortgage payment and other related expenses should you become involuntarily unemployed. If you don’t have enough savings to get through a stretch of unemployment then you might need Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance.

Title Insurance protects owners and lenders financial interests in property against liens, leases, life estates and title defects. The insurance guarantees that you are receiving full legal ownership of the property, making sure you can defend the title to your property.

Lenders/Private Mortgage Insurance provides the lender with coverage if you default on your mortgage loan. Since most lenders require this insurance, it is a good idea to look into what kind of premiums you will be paying and whether they will be an up front cost or if the premium can be capitalized into the loan amount.