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Business Owner's Insurance

Protect your business by getting the insurance coverage you need. Depending on what kind of business you have there are various different types of insurance.

Liability Insurance gives you general third-party liability coverage in the event that you are legally responsible for injuries to another person, personal injury such as slander and libel, medical expenses or damage to property. This will include if your product injures someone or does property damage.

Another type of liability insurance is Errors and Omissions Insurance also called Professional Liability Insurance. Not just for lawyers, doctors and accountants, this type of insurance can cover other professionals as well. A professional is described as having technical and practical training as required by their profession. Errors and Omissions covers you if you are negligent in your duties as a professional.

Home-based Business Insurance can cover your property, liability and medical expenses. In the event that something happens to your home and it is unfit to carry on your business you can move it to another location. This insurance covers other property such as computers, filing cabinets, tools, customer’s goods, etc. It will cover you if someone visits your home business and injuries themselves or damages property and any medical expenses arising from you home-based business.

Crimes Coverage, Loss Prevention Insurance and Employee Dishonesty Insurance are three types of insurance that may be needed by your business. Crimes coverage will protect you from counterfeit money or money orders as well as depositor’s forgeries and loss of money inside and outside your premises. Loss prevention insurance protects your inventory, supplies, cash and equipment. Employee dishonesty insurance covers your losses from criminal acts of your employees such as theft of fraud.

A Business Estate Plan can include a plan for succession, a valuation process and a buy-sell agreement. Life insurance will protect against the loss of a key person, the funds will be released to the surviving partner so that they can choose to sell or take on another partner.

Whatever type of business you have, insurance is an important part of planning and running your business, be sure to find an insurance broker or agent that has experience with business insurance.